A proven top performer in every respect the MAGNAMAXDVR® generator is a result of Marathon Electric's fifty years of generator experience and an intensive product development program using cutting edge technology.

Inherent to the MAGNAMAXDVR® design is exceptional transient performance. Meeting the demand of today's challenging market by offering remarkable performance and supporting a variety of non-linear loads. A load such as a UPS system or variable speed drives. The MAGNAMAXDVR® provides unprecedented voltage regulation in the presence of the harmonic voltage distortion caused by this type of load while the low reactance of the design minimizes the distortion.

Constructed for extended life by utilizing Marathon's exclusive unirotor construction, UL recognized class H insulation system, and long life bearings.

The MAGNAMAXDVR® design can by incorporated in equipment certified to UL 2200 and is the ideal generator for voltage critical applications such as:

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