Performance, reliability, and simplicity describe the LIMA®MAC line of generators from Marathon Electric. Ruggedly designed for superior motor starting capability, LIMA®MAC generators provide dependable electrical power with inherent safety features to handle even the most severe applications and environments.

Designed for 1 hp/kW, 3 phase, Code G motor starting capability, the LIMA®MAC generator is self-regulated and self-excited, providing maximum reliability without external voltage regulation, adjustments, or electronic controls . . . a "hands off" generator supplying simplicity with minimum maintenance for any application.

For consistent electrical power, longer system life, and lasting value, specify the LIMA®MAC line of generators from 5 to 300 kW. Wherever dependability counts most, LIMA®MAC generators deliver quality performance and product support unequaled in the industry.

Consider the Benefits LIMA®MAC Generators Offer You . . .

Choice. Brushless single phase and three phase designs from 5 to 300 kW. All generators are 4-pole, 1800 rpm designs.

Maximum Performance.

Rugged Construction Main and Exciter Rotor. Stator windings are Class F insulated with multiple dips and bakes of nonhygroscopic varnish for protection against harsh environments. Ratings are based upon NEMA Class B temperature rise for maximum generator life. Stator windings are a solid, moisture resistant type with superior physical and dielectric strength.

Brushless Exciter. At the heart of the LIMA®MAC generator is a patented brushless excitation system. This excitation system is a 3 phase, rotating current transformer/frequency converter which responds to load changes and maintains output voltage within 4%. The 3 phase, full wave rectification provides a resulting low ripple (smoother) DC source to consistently excite the main field.

Salient Pole Rotor Assembly. The LIMAaMAC main rotor utilizes a single piece, 4-pole lamination for maximum mechanical strength. Field windings are "wet wound" with enameled magnet wire in Class H thermosetting epoxy for high electrical integrity and designed to withstand overspeed of 125% of rated rpm for 15 minutes without damage.

Permanently Lubricated Bearings. Bearings are single width, double shielded type ball bearings pre-lubricated for the life of the bearing and sized for a minimum B-10 life of 100,000 hours. Shafts are precision ground and the bearing carrier is cast iron with bearing outboard the exciter rotor.

Cast Aluminum Alloy Ventilating Fan. Bidirectional high efficiency fan and internal air flow patterns maximize heat transfer and minimize hot spot differentials for longer winding life.

Fully Guarded for Operator Safety. No exposed laminations or live parts. NEMA weather-protected Type 1 enclosure provides protection from environmental conditions and maximum operator safety. All LIMA®MAC generators are manufactured to applicable NEMA, IEEE, and CSA standards.

Motor Starting Application Leader. LIMA®MAC generators provide field-proven motor application superiority on container refrigeration, center pivot irrigation systems, aggregate processing plants, sewage lift stations, and submersible pump applications. Additionally, they continue to be specified for general purpose power supply in rental fleets, on construction sites, and in light tower installations.

LIMA®MAC generators are utilized worldwide whenever reliability, performance, and simplicity in design are required. Simple to install and operate . . .LIMA®MAC . . . the only design of its kind in the marketplace.

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